The Sagaya Dolls

For giveaways and decorations

The Higaunon Doll

Higaonon means “people of the wilderness”. The term is derived from the native word “gaon” which means literally put away either from fire, heat of the sun or from the water. 

The Subanen Doll

Subanon or Subano is derived from the word “suba,” a Visayan word meaning “river,” as most of their settlements can be found near rivers or mountain streams.

The Matigsalug

The Matigsalug are Bukidnon groups who are found in the Tigawa-Salug Valley in San Fernando, Bukidnon. “Matigsalug” is a a term which means people in the Salug River. 

Learn about Tao Tao Souvenirs

Tao Tao Souvenirs is a social enterprise that aims to preserve and promote Philippine Indigenous Culture and give IP mothers income-generating activity for the upliftment of living condition.

Our main product, the Sagaya dolls, are inspired by Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao and they are created by the Mothers of the Higaunon Community in Cagayan de Oro City. In between the sessions, the groups gather online with their state-provided ipads to complete exercises and network under the type my essay guidance of their mentors